intuitive eating

Feel like you NEED to lose weight? 3 Things to Consider

Do you ever feel like you NEED to lose weight? Maybe you feel this way after a doctor or other professional told you that you need to lose weight. Maybe it’s because you have recently gained weight and are more uncomfortable now than you were when you were smaller. Maybe you are dealing with a […]

What stage of quitting dieting are you at?

On a couple of my client calls this week the topic of all the emotions that we experience as we begin to see diet culture for what it is, quit dieting, and become Intuitive Eaters came up and this is something that I realized does not get discussed enough! You see, as I’ve mentioned before, […]

I hate to eat nutritious foods & exercise!

Do you feel like you are struggling to even want to eat nutritious food or exercise? First, I wanna say this is totally normal at the start of becoming an intuitive eater! When you are coming off of years of dieting and trying to shrink and change your body it’s completely normal to have a […]

Can you lose weight as an intuitive eater?

I wanted to address one of the biggest questions I receive about Intuitive Eating. Honestly, this is one of the biggest questions that I personally had before I fully embraced IE myself – can you lose weight as an Intuitive Eater? The answer is yes you can and I’m going to share a bit about […]

My Weight Loss Was My Worth

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen me post this week regarding a memory that came up from five years ago. A time when I felt like I was at the peak of my success. The FB memory that came up was a video clip of me on a big […]

What to do when you just feel so uncomfortable in your body right now

One thing that I hear a lot, and that I have also experienced myself, is people who say they just feel so uncomfortable in their body the size that it is right now. This is where that feeling of desperation to lose some weight can come from and where we are at when we end […]

When You Love Yourself You Are Able to More Fully Love Others

I used to be a very judgemental person. I look back at the person I was previously (like up until just a few months ago) and just feel like I used to be in a very dark place – mentally and emotionally. I was easily hurt because I was actually very insecure and my response […]

Emotional Eating as a Non-Dieter

I speak with people quite often regarding emotional eating and emotional binge eating. They describe exactly what I have experienced as well – turning to food to deal with a certain emotion or situation, and then feeling totally out of control with that food at that moment. I used to get so focused on trying […]

The Reason You Feel Out of Control Around Certain Foods

Do you ever feel like there are certain foods you just can’t be trusted around? Do you have certain foods that you just can’t keep in the house because you will just eat all of it feeling out of control around it? Are there times that you feel totally out of control around food? If […]

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