How to Increase Your Confidence – No matter your body size!

Have you ever felt like you need to lose weight in order to increase your confidence and feel good in your body? I know that I have! This is because diet culture sells us this idea that weight loss will ultimately give us more confidence and happiness! Basically, weight loss is presented as this cure-all, […]

Dealing with Weight Gain as an Intuitive Eater

A lot of people end up struggling with weight gain when they decide to quit dieting and embrace Intuitive Eating! Especially if you have recently lost weight on a diet, it makes sense that when you quit dieting that weight will likely come back right? I know that it can be a really difficult thing […]

Feel More Comfort in Your Body With These 8 Focuses!

Have you ever tried changing your body to try and create more comfort in it for yourself? When it comes to healing your body image, finding comfort within can be the biggest struggle of all! In the mainstream, diet-culture-infused, world that we live in we are taught that if we are uncomfortable in our body […]

4 Ways to Help You Feel More Comfortable in Your Body

One of the biggest things I hear that people struggle with is feeling uncomfortable in their bodies after they’ve quit dieting. This discomfort tends to trigger them to want to go back on another diet, but that typically ends up being just a temporary fix. “Is this discomfort physical pain or just a general sense […]

Feel like you NEED to lose weight? 3 Things to Consider

Do you ever feel like you NEED to lose weight? Maybe you feel this way after a doctor or other professional told you that you need to lose weight. Maybe it’s because you have recently gained weight and are more uncomfortable now than you were when you were smaller. Maybe you are dealing with a […]

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