How to Increase Your Confidence – No matter your body size!

Have you ever felt like you need to lose weight in order to increase your confidence and feel good in your body? I know that I have! This is because diet culture sells us this idea that weight loss will ultimately give us more confidence and happiness! Basically, weight loss is presented as this cure-all, but if you’ve ever dieted (which I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t!) you know that this is not the case at all!

My personal experience has shown me that, while I did experience a temporary sense of higher confidence, it was all tied to my body size. Then, of course, I started struggling to continue losing weight, or to even maintain the weight loss that built my confidence up. Once I stopped losing weight and started gaining again, my confidence was gone. All my confidence came from other people’s approval, as well as the fact that I had set goals and I was accomplishing them. These, of course, were weight loss goals. But did you know that setting and accomplishing any goal will build your confidence?

Think about anything you’ve ever accomplished in your life – how amazing did it feel? How much did it boost you up? What I realized was that setting and achieving any goal, in any area of life, was an amazing confidence booster. My assurance, that came from my weight loss, had nothing to do with my weight loss or body size at all! It was all due to the fact that I had set a goal and then went for it! What’s funny is that I never did hit my “ultimate goal weight”. However, every little win along the way (even the smaller milestones) was a boost of confidence!

It got me thinking about all the other things that will boost self-esteem. Ultimately a confident person is more likely to be unapologetically themselves! And if you are super confident in yourself and who you are, you may be less likely to buy into the diet culture dream of “weight loss will give you all you’ve ever wanted!”

Here are six ways to increase your confidence and body image no matter what size you are:

  1. SET GOALS – as I mentioned earlier, setting goals and achieving them is one of the best ways to improve your confidence. Set attainable goals in all areas of your life and then celebrate! Even something as simple as setting goals at work, for example. Most days at work, I’ll set a goal with certain projects I want to finish that day. It can even be a specific amount of work I want to do that day. Some days, due to other things coming up (as they do), I don’t reach those goals. Nonetheless, most days I do and that is a daily confidence booster! What are some attainable goals you can start setting for yourself on a regular basis?
  2. MOVEMENT – It’s time to think differently about movement than you have before! Regular exercise can be an incredible confidence booster, and not because of the aesthetic results. I find, especially strength training, to be particularly confidence-boosting. Something about feeling super strong and noticing that you are gaining more strength. Or that you were able to move in a way that you previously couldn’t. This mental switch for exercising can also help you to find joy in movement again!
  3. MAKE PROMISES TO YOURSELF & SEE THEM THROUGH – These could be anti-diet promises. Such as, promise yourself that you’ll stay off the scale – every time you get tempted to weigh yourself, you can remind yourself that you promised you wouldn’t do that. See, we actually make a lot of little promises to ourselves on a regular basis. Be more mindful of these and recognize them every time you see these through. A lot of promises we make to ourselves have to do with setting & maintaining boundaries. It’s one of the best things you can do for your overall self-worth!
  4. VISUALIZE – spend a few minutes each day visualizing your most confident self. How do you walk? What kind of things do you do and say? How does it FEEL to be super confident? Imagine it, visualize it, and sit for a few moments every single day with that feeling!
  5. DON’T HIDE YOURSELF – I’m not saying you have to buy a string bikini or start posting pictures of yourself in your underwear on social media. But, if it’s a hot day, don’t avoid wearing shorts simply because you don’t like how your legs look. A large reason why we feel the need to hide certain parts of our larger bodies is simply that we don’t see them much, so we feel they need to be hidden. By, even just gradually, challenging yourself to stop hiding your body, you will start to slowly get more comfortable in your skin. Take this process as slow as you need, but start to notice where you might be sacrificing your comfort to try and hide your body.
  6. SELF-TALK – take notice of how you talk about yourself and your body. Pull those negative thoughts & feelings away and find some positive affirmations that you can replace them with. Simple gratitude can go a long way here. Every time a negative thought about your body pops up, express gratitude towards yourself instead. Express thankfulness for all the little things your body does each day that you don’t even really think about! Cultivating a sense of gratitude about your body will help improve body image and confidence too.

I know this might seem like a lot. This sounds great in theory, but how do you actually apply these things in your life? I walk you through exactly how to incorporate these things and more into your day-to-day life in my 8-week program designed to help you Quit Dieting & Achieve Food Freedom For Good! Registration is open now and we start on May 31!

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Registration is open now and we start on May 31!

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How to Increase Your Confidence – No matter your body size!

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