2 Ways to Get to Food Freedom

What do you think of when you hear the term “food freedom”? 

For the longest time, food freedom seemed like something I could only ever dream of achieving! As someone who used to think about food all day, every day – the concept of food freedom appeared really far off and unattainable.

I tried to achieve food freedom by following different diets. This was back when I believed that in order to honor my health, I’d have to follow some sort of diet or commit to a specific way of eating. But little did I know those diets were actually getting me more obsessed with food and further away from food freedom! 

It’s now been a few years since I’ve struggled with food. I’m at a place where I’ve achieved complete food freedom. What I realized was that there are really two main necessities to being able to achieve this. 

The essential steps to reaching food freedom:

  1. Ditch the food rules! Say “no” to dieting and vow to allow yourself to simply enjoy food! The more you allow yourself to eat and savor what you’re eating – the less obsessed and addicted you’ll feel! This includes changing your language around food too. So, no more telling yourself that certain foods are “good” or “bad”! Food is just…food! By removing all rules around eating and food, you finally allow yourself to get in touch with what you actually enjoy and how different foods actually make you feel.
  2. Throw out the scale! Stop weighing yourself and body checking in the mirror! Body checking is when you’re sizing yourself up in the mirror. You know when you look at yourself sideways and start pinching and grabbing at your body fat while thinking some very mean thoughts about your body? This is body checking. I can promise that it’s not serving you! Weighing and body checking keeps you focused on your body size. It’ll hang out in the back of your mind as you’re eating and continue as long as you keep weighing and body checking! Once you stop doing these things, it’s amazing how much mental space is freed up!

Now, those two things sound very simple, but in practice, they’re a lot more difficult to achieve. Especially, if you’re coming from years of diet culture! I mean, you are literally trying to unlearn things that you’ve believed for most of your life. It’s an ongoing process to break habits that you’ve likely had for a very long time!

Because this is so difficult to do, I’m going to be hosting a Food Freedom Fundamentals Masterclass on May 16, 17, and 18. I’ll give you actual strategies to help change your whole thinking about food and your body!  This is going to take place in a private Facebook group. All handouts and materials will be posted, and I’ll go live each day with the lessons. 

You can request to join the Masterclass HERE!

If you’re ready to fully quit dieting and go all-in with Intuitive Eating, you’ll want to check out my 8-week program designed to help you quit dieting & achieve food freedom for good!  You can get on the waiting list HERE if you want to be notified FIRST when registration opens up for that! 

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2 Ways to Get to Food Freedom

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