The Truth About Calorie Counting

Do you struggle to let go of calorie counting? 

I struggled with calorie counting for a long time. After I quit dieting, I was still adding the calories up in the back of my mind. I re-downloaded my fitness pal a couple of times since quitting too. Every time, I’d excuse it to having “awareness” of how much I was actually eating. Slowly but surely, I’d start eating less and less because the calories were at the forefront of my mind!

Then, I learned more about the actual truths of calories. This helped me realize how pointless it was in the first place and helped me to let go of it once and for all! 

Here are four facts about calories to help you let go of calorie counting too:

  1. Food manufacturers are allowed a margin of error of up to 20% on nutrition labels. This means that the calories listed on the package can differ by 20% more or less than the actual calorie contents.
  2. There’s no way for you to accurately know how many calories your body is actually burning on any given day! There’s far more that goes into how many calories your body burns. The defining factors go beyond your age, height, weight, and gender! 
  3. Calories tell you NOTHING about the nutritional makeup of food! 
  4. Just like any other diet out there, calorie counting can lead to disordered eating and will likely worsen your relationship with food and your body in the long run! 

As an extra bonus point – calories are determined by how long it takes food to burn to ash! So, unless you have a literal Bunsen burner in your stomach, it doesn’t really seem accurate, does it?

If this is something that you truly struggle to let go of, check out my 8-week program. It’s designed to help you quit dieting and achieve food freedom for good! 

It’s only a small piece of the puzzle to become knowledgeable in things like calorie counting. A larger piece of the puzzle is working to unlearn all that diet culture has taught you over the years. To help you do this, I invite you to check out my 8-week program, designed to help you quit dieting & achieve food freedom for good!

In this 8 week program, you will receive worksheets to help you actually work through all of these beliefs. That includes opinions you hold about your own body, weight, food, etc.! 

Join me for 8 weeks. We can work together to truly let go of dieting once and for all and achieve food freedom! 

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The Truth About Calorie Counting

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