Dealing with Weight Gain as an Intuitive Eater

A lot of people end up struggling with weight gain when they decide to quit dieting and embrace Intuitive Eating! Especially if you have recently lost weight on a diet, it makes sense that when you quit dieting that weight will likely come back right? I know that it can be a really difficult thing to deal with, but just know that you are not alone.

Typically when you begin to notice weight gain you may feel tempted to go back to dieting. Panic may set in. You may start to wonder if the weight gain will ever end and if your weight will ever stabilize. The answer is yes, your weight will eventually stabilize. But what can you do in the meantime to keep yourself comfortable and calm?

Here are five things that you can do if you are struggling with weight gain as an Intuitive Eater:

  1. Make sure to wear clothes that fit comfortably and that you feel good in! No one, not even the thinnest person, feels good about their body when trying to squeeze into clothes that are too small!
  2. If this is ultimately bringing up some strong emotions, spend some time getting curious about these emotions and thoughts that are arising.
  3. Do some journaling to process things like – what do you believe weight gain means? What do you believe your smaller body meant & what do you believe your bigger body means?
  4. Stop & ask yourself “what do I need to feel more comfortable now?
  5. If you feel you have the capacity for it, check in on your self-care regimes. Are you embracing intuitive eating, or just winging it?

When you first quit dieting, you initially are focused on healing your relationship with food. In order to heal your relationship with food you are needing to go thru the process of habituating to all of your previous “fear foods“. During this time you are likely eating a lot of foods that you previously had restricted, which may lead to some weight gain. If you notice that you’re gaining weight, your go-to response may be to find another diet. This is simply because this is what you’ve always done in response to weight gain before in the past!

In order to heal your relationship with your body and achieve peace with your body, it’s key here to really reflect on what is coming up for you as you struggle with gaining weight. And then, if you have the capacity for it, check in on your self-care regimes. Instead of going on another diet, instead, really lean into the whole Intuitive Eating framework! Check-in on your current eating and exercise habits. Are you doing things like prioritizing sleep and giving yourself many different ways to handle uncomfortable emotions?

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Dealing with Weight Gain as an Intuitive Eater

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