Feel like you NEED to lose weight? 3 Things to Consider

Do you ever feel like you NEED to lose weight?

Maybe you feel this way after a doctor or other professional told you that you need to lose weight. Maybe it’s because you have recently gained weight and are more uncomfortable now than you were when you were smaller. Maybe you are dealing with a health concern and/or physical pain that you feel losing weight would help with. If you’ve recently gained weight remind yourself that while, sure, your new larger body may feel different than it did when it was smaller – different is not necessarily bad. Different can be uncomfortable at first, but not inherently bad. Be aware of how you are labeling what you’re feeling in that regard.

What are you really hoping to gain from weight loss?

On the surface, you may think it’s improved health or comfort, but the thing is that you can do things to help improve your health and comfort without ever knowing how much you weigh. Weight loss is not a behavior. You can do things like eat more nutrient-rich foods, move your body in ways that feel good on a regular basis, prioritize good sleep, practice self-care, etc, etc – all of these things are health-promoting behaviors and none of them have anything to do with what you weigh. If you’re dealing with physical pain like joint pain – the best thing to do for that is to strengthen the muscles that connect to that joint. Visit a physical therapist if you can. Google “how to strengthen knees” or “how to alleviate knee pain” and you will find a lot of suggestions! Once again, you can work towards this without even knowing how much you weigh.

What would a thin person do about this particular issue/discomfort?

Remember that there is not a single health condition that exists solely in larger-bodied people. There just isn’t. Any health condition or physical pain that you are dealing with right now – there are thin people out there who deal with and have dealt with that same thing. What is something that they would do? We covered some of this in the first point, but ultimately it comes down to actually addressing the cause of the problem and working to help that. Once again your weight in-and-of-itself is not causing anything.

Remind yourself of your previous attempts to lose weight and how they ended up in the long run.

Contrary to what diet culture will try to tell you, your experience with gaining back the weight that you previously lost is not unique. Over 95% of people who intentionally lose weight end up gaining it back. Remind yourself that intentional weight loss is the greatest predictor of weight gain.

Trying to treat anything by losing weight is a temporary fix.

Ultimately, remember that you do deserve to be comfortable! If your clothes aren’t fitting very well, then get some new clothes that are comfortable and that look good! If you can’t afford new clothes, don’t be afraid to shop second-hand – you can find some really nice, barely worn, clothes second-hand!

Your weight is not a problem that needs to be fixed. Society’s views of higher weights and larger bodies are the problem that needs to be fixed!

Feel like you NEED to lose weight? 3 Things to Consider

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