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I hate to eat nutritious foods & exercise!

Do you feel like you are struggling to even want to eat nutritious food or exercise?

First, I wanna say this is totally normal at the start of becoming an intuitive eater! When you are coming off of years of dieting and trying to shrink and change your body it’s completely normal to have a period of, what can feel like, rebellion against the foods that had previously been shoved down your throat because they were “superior” to the ones you truly enjoyed. When you are trying to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just in general control your body size by modifying your food intake – you are generally told to fill up on veggies, eat a salad with low-fat dressing, and avoid processed foods! So, naturally when you are finally taking a stand against this stuff you’re gonna go through a period of wanting nothing but the foods you had previously avoided and also being totally turned off by the foods that you previously forced yourself to eat lots of while you were dieting! This is the same for exercise – if you had primarily used exercise as a way to lose weight then of course when you let go of the pursuit of weight loss you will probably not want to exercise!

So, if this is where you are at currently I’m going to say to just allow. Allow yourself to be where you are currently at now and have compassion for yourself. If you are not wanting to eat a single vegetable right now, then don’t. If all you want right now is pizza, then eat pizza. If you don’t want to move off the couch all day, then don’t.

This may seem like backward advice or, very unhealthy advice, but here’s the thing… Life happens in seasons. Just like there are four weather seasons, we have multiple seasons during our lives. If you have recently quit dieting and are pursuing Intuitive Eating, then that’s the current season that you are living in. Just like weather seasons, it will pass.

With exercise, I share quite often about how I took about 6 months off from intense exercising and I had to. It was really, truly, the only way for me to reset my mind around exercise and that it is not just for weight loss, calories burned, aesthetic goals, etc. So if you need to make a clean break from it, then do!

Once you feel ready, and you will know when that is, you can then focus on adding more nutritious foods in and including movement on a regular basis. But, if you’re not there right now, then please don’t stress about it! It will just make this whole process more difficult!

I hate to eat nutritious foods & exercise!

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