Dieting Reflection Exercise

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I wanted to provide you a bit of a reflection to do. When you think back over your life and certain events that you’ve experienced, are you able to classify them as remembering that you were “on a diet” or “off a diet”?

For example, a birthday party when you were “on a diet” so you remember skipping the birthday cake even though you REEEAAALLLLLYY wanted it. Or maybe a girls night out where you remember being “off a diet” and eating soooo much that you felt sick afterwards. Just take a moment to think about this and reflect on it. Are you able to look back at most major events of your life and remember clearly if you were on a diet or off a diet at those moments? How did that impact the experience? How do you remember feeling in those moments? Would you say that preoccupation with food and/or your body took away from the experience and now the memory you have of it?

I wanted you to reflect on this a little bit, and to realize that life is so much more than being on a diet or off a diet! The only way to end the never ending cycle of “on a diet” and then “off a diet” is to finally quit dieting for good! You’ve tried that however, as you have just reflected back on times when you were “off a diet” and also likely how overly stuffed, bloated, and crappy you felt due to eating soooo much of the foods you typically restrict when dieting.

That situation by the way, the one where you just go CRAZY on all of your favourite foods, that is actually CAUSED BY dieting in the first place. Crazy right? I mean, did you used to eat in that chaotic way before you felt bad about your body or the food you were eating and/or trying to lose weight? Probably not because this is the dieting rebound effect… This is called the “re-feeding” phase and it is extremely common among dieters!

So, in knowing this then, it makes sense that when you go through a period of not dieting to then go back to dieting will just keep you stuck in this same vicious cycle! But, you worry about it never getting better. You worry about the never ending weight gain. You worry about what this will do to your health. So what do you do? Insert Intuitive Eating!

I don’t know about you, but I needed SOMETHING when I quit dieting. Not another meal plan or diet to follow obviously, but I needed some guidance in terms of how to eat! Intuitive Eating did this for me and it can do it for you too! The problem is though that most people try to go through their IE journey all on their own and it gets really easy to get frustrated and give up because things like allowing yourself to eat all foods and unlearning all that diet culture has taught you need to come first before you can fully dive into things like honouring your hunger, respecting your fullness, and gentle nutrition.

Dieting Reflection Exercise

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