Year: 2021

New Year Goal Setting as an Intuitive Eater

With the New Year right around the corner we are being bombarded, yet again, with weight-loss ads! It’s also that time of year where it seems everyone has some big plans for January to lose weight. This can be super tough to be around when you are trying to recover from dieting for many reasons, […]

The Emotional Side of Emotional Eating

This is the other (not often talked about) side to emotional eating…. Learning to actually feel through your emotions, instead of trying to numb them out and push them down further. Am I the only one that feels like in society we are being taught how to avoid our negative emotions more?  You hear things like just do positive […]

What stage of quitting dieting are you at?

On a couple of my client calls this week the topic of all the emotions that we experience as we begin to see diet culture for what it is, quit dieting, and become Intuitive Eaters came up and this is something that I realized does not get discussed enough! You see, as I’ve mentioned before, […]

Is Intuitive Eating simply just “letting yourself go”?

Today I wanted to discuss something that I see way too often and that is this idea that Intuitive Eating is simply just “letting yourself go” or not caring about yourself or your health. First off, this is completely untrue. If you’ve read or listened to anything that I’ve said about Intuitive Eating, or if […]

Trouble recognizing your hunger & fullness cues?

I had someone reach out to me on Instagram asking about how to increase awareness around their hunger signals. So, I went ahead and created a post on that. You can view that HERE if you missed it. ​ ​ This got me thinking, however, about also learning to recognize your fullness signals after years of ignoring […]

I hate to eat nutritious foods & exercise!

Do you feel like you are struggling to even want to eat nutritious food or exercise? First, I wanna say this is totally normal at the start of becoming an intuitive eater! When you are coming off of years of dieting and trying to shrink and change your body it’s completely normal to have a […]

Can you lose weight as an intuitive eater?

I wanted to address one of the biggest questions I receive about Intuitive Eating. Honestly, this is one of the biggest questions that I personally had before I fully embraced IE myself – can you lose weight as an Intuitive Eater? The answer is yes you can and I’m going to share a bit about […]

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