What to do when you just feel so uncomfortable in your body right now

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One thing that I hear a lot, and that I have also experienced myself, is people who say they just feel so uncomfortable in their body the size that it is right now. This is where that feeling of desperation to lose some weight can come from and where we are at when we end up ultimately going back to a diet. We are so desperately just looking for some relief from this feeling that we have identified as uncomfortable.

If this is something you are struggling with, the first thing I want you to ask yourself is why do you feel uncomfortable? Is it cuz your pants are too tight? Is it the way your shirt feels tight around your belly? Are you currently uncomfortably full? Get more deeply in touch which what specifically feels uncomfortable for you.

For starters, I will point out a couple things – first off, if you are currently feeling uncomfortably full or overstuffed – remind yourself that this feeling will pass. The food currently sitting in your stomach will digest and you will feel hungry again. Secondly, if it has something to do with how your clothes are fitting – well, go get new clothes that feel comfortable! 

If you just simply feel uncomfortable because of your body size then I will ask you to dig deep into why this current body size feels uncomfortable to you? When we are in a larger body there is a lot of internalized fatphobia that comes up. If you don’t feel uncomfortably full (or sick from overeating) and you’re clothes aren’t fitting tightly then it is likely coming from a fatphobic mindset. This is okay and totally understandable since we live in an extremely fatphobic society! Just simply bringing awareness to where these feelings of discomfort are actually stemming from, to witness the thoughts that come with it all, can be extremely enlightening and healing (as long as we don’t act on the impulses to diet or pursue weight loss of course)!

What I found extremely important in these moments was to remind myself of all the other times in the past that I had felt this way, then went on to start a diet, and how that ended. Remind yourself that it was from all the previous attempts to lose weight that you are where you are at now! When you remind yourself of this, it’s a lot easier to realize that another diet is not the answer here!

Next, simply make sure to fuel yourself with lots of nutritious foods and move your body in ways that feel good for you! This is the quickest way to help you feel GOOD, no matter what your body size is!

I have learned that I can feel SO good in the same body that I once felt super uncomfortable in and it just came down to simple daily habits. If you are eating lots of nutritious foods and moving your body in a way you enjoy, then, of course, you’re going to feel good!

Ultimately, the journey of not dieting is not an easy one, but you have to stay the course. Remember that the way out of this struggle is not to do another diet, as that is ultimately what got you into this in the first place!

What to do when you just feel so uncomfortable in your body right now

2 thoughts on “What to do when you just feel so uncomfortable in your body right now

  1. Needed to hear this. I find this not dieting thinking is so hard for me.
    I am a foodie, I love eating. Rich foods are the best. I don’t want to stop eating these foods, but find it so hard when trying on my clothes and they don’t fit.
    Working my head around this.

    1. It is a process to switch our minds on this stuff because all these diet-y thoughts have been drilled into us from young ages!! Definitely practice giving yourself unconditional permission to eat all foods… you will realize that you can still fully enjoy those rich foods you LOVE, while not feeling like you’re taking it to far, if that makes sense?? ❤️ sending you lots of love as you embark on this journey!!!

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