When You Love Yourself You Are Able to More Fully Love Others

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I used to be a very judgemental person. I look back at the person I was previously (like up until just a few months ago) and just feel like I used to be in a very dark place – mentally and emotionally. I was easily hurt because I was actually very insecure and my response to the hurt would be to judge… This includes when I was at my lowest weight.

A large piece to quitting the pursuit of weight loss is to love yourself more wholly, right now, as you are. This has been probably the biggest transformation for me… I have noticed that my judgment of those around me is not there anymore. I am not as easily offended as I once was because I am not as insecure as I used to be. Ultimately, because I love myself more I am able to more fully love those around me. 

Diet culture sells us this promise that “losing weight will increase your confidence“, but that is simply not true. If you or someone you know feels like this has happened for you and you were more confident after losing weight then I will say that it is either you are telling yourself this because it is expected, or you have been proactively doing things to help up your confidence and self-love. But weight loss, in and of itself, does not magically increase your confidence. Period.

Loving yourself properly, the way you deserve to be loved and accepted is what will increase your confidence. This can be difficult and I get that… Sometimes it’s just about starting to point out the things you like about yourself on a daily basis. It may be just the teeniest things, but this small habit alone will then gradually make you have more and more things that you find you like about yourself.

Look around you. Do your family and friends deserve more love? Of course, they do! If you would like to be able to love them more fully, first you need to look in the mirror and love YOU, unconditionally. No matter how you look, what size you are, etc. Working on self-love will help you be a better person all around. Your family, friends, and most importantly YOU deserve that!

When You Love Yourself You Are Able to More Fully Love Others

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