The Reason You Feel Out of Control Around Certain Foods

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Do you ever feel like there are certain foods you just can’t be trusted around?

Do you have certain foods that you just can’t keep in the house because you will just eat all of it feeling out of control around it?

Are there times that you feel totally out of control around food?

If you can relate to any of those questions, then you are likely exercising some restrictions around food. You are likely trying too hard to control what you are eating and/or how much you are eating. You also are likely ultimately trying to control your body weight and size. As long as you are trying to control your body weight, size, and/or the foods that you are consuming, you will continue to feel out of control around certain foods.

It seems counter-intuitive doesn’t it? But really, it’s like anything in life – you can’t make something better by trying to control it.  You need to let go of some things and just trust that it’ll work out as it’s supposed to. Body size and weight is one of those things.  Now if you are exercising control around what you’re eating because you’ve been diagnosed with a food allergy or intolerance, that is clearly a different thing. If you don’t have an actual food allergy or intolerance that you are dealing with then why would you need to “control” your food?

We are bombarded constantly with messages of dieting.  They don’t call it dieting nowadays, however, because of all the bad-press that diets have received since they don’t work. I’m talking about all those “wellness plans” you see people talking about – the “anti-diet diets” we’ll call them.  Along with all these diets, we are also constantly surrounded by tons of fear-mongering around certain foods as well as the build-up of other foods. “Superfoods” has become a commonly used term in the diet world and we are basically being told that if we don’t eat more of the “superfoods” while completely avoiding all the “bad foods” at all costs than there is something wrong with us and we basically are guaranteed terrible health and we will die.

As I’ve said before and I’ll keep saying it – food does not have any morality. There is no such thing as good food or bad food and eating certain foods does not make you a good or a bad person. It’s time to do a little detox for yourself.  I am not talking about a food detox (no celery juice please), I’m talking about a bit of a digital detox.  I’m talking about unfollowing all accounts on social media that talk about diets, weight loss, good food or bad foods, etc. Fill your social media feeds up with more intuitive eating, health at every size, non-diet dieticians, and body-positive accounts. Stop buying the magazines that are selling the next best weight loss plan. Realize that your worth is nothing to do with your weight and you will never feel in control around food until you ditch the dieting mindset!

The Reason You Feel Out of Control Around Certain Foods

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