The Emotional Side to Emotional Eating

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This is the other (not often talked about) side to emotional eating…. Learning to actually feel through your emotions, instead of trying to numb them out and push them down further.

Am I the only one that feels like in society we are being taught how to avoid our negative emotions more?  You hear things like just do positive affirmations and don’t focus on what you don’t want to happen… It can make you feel like if you spend any time at all in a negative emotion you are going to just create more of those experiences and no one wants that so do whatever the heck you can to get the frig out of there as fast as possible!!!!!! For a lot of people, the way out of the negative emotions is via food. Sit down, eat some chips, and watch Netflix… That’ll help you feel better… until it doesn’t.

But something that I’ve personally noticed through all my years of “being uber positive all of the time, I’m a bright ray of sunshine cuz that’s what everyone expects me to be and also I don’t want to create more negative in my life so I need to be positive, positive, positive!” Is that, not only does eating your emotions away not actually help you in the long term (of course it can temporarily make you feel better, hello dopamine!), but also that the negative emotions build up more and more. The resentment, the anger, the sadness, the anxiety – it just grows until you allow yourself to feel it!

If you need to curl up in your bed and cry for hours on end, do it. Grab a pillow and beat the crap out of it and scream into it and let it out if you need to!!!  While there are positive emotions and negative emotions there are no good or bad emotions… All emotions are good – and experiencing a vast range of emotions is what makes you freaking human – so BE HUMAN!!

Next time something really triggers you deep inside and you find yourself going to the kitchen to find comfort, instead go to your room (or somewhere you can be alone) and allow yourself to FEEL it.  I’m not saying that you have to ALWAYS feel it… But the more you do, the less big these things can seem and it will actually help you in the long run!

The Emotional Side to Emotional Eating

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