Your Healthy Eating Plan is Probably Not Very Healthy

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Have you ever committed to a certain eating plan with the goal of better health? I feel like most people have. I know that most people when pursuing weight loss, they do typically say their goal is to “be healthier“. Have you ever actually broken down what exactly “being healthier” means?

  • Does it mean weighing less on the scale?
  • Does it mean fitting into a smaller size clothing?
  • Does it mean eating perfect portions?
  • Does it mean only eating foods that are as natural as possible?
  • Does it mean never eating any sugar?
  • Does it mean keeping your daily caloric intake within a certain number?
  • Does it mean never eating a carb again in your life?
  • Does it mean never eating animal products again in your life?
  • Does it mean eating more fat and fewer carbs?
  • Does it mean eating less fat and more carbs?

These may sound sort of silly when it’s spelled out like this, but this is essentially what most people think “being healthier” means.  Of course, not all of these apply to everyone, but most everyone has pursued some variations of the above list in the pursuit of “health”.

Now, let’s look at what might really “be healthier”:

  • To honor your bodies hunger and fullness signals
  • To have well-balanced energy throughout the day
  • To move your body in a way that you enjoy on a regular basis
  • To eat a good balance of all foods including proteins, carbohydrates, and fats
  • To eat for nourishment as well as for pleasure
  • To make sure you are managing your stress levels
  • To make sure you are prioritizing getting enough sleep each night
  • To make time for the things that bring you joy
  • To remove the things from your life that do not serve you
  • To learn to feel good in your body, no matter your size

Now, I don’t know about you, but to me, that certainly seems a lot more “health-based” than the previous list!

So, really think about what “being healthier” means to you. Then assess if you are doing the things that are actually contributing to your better health.

If you are counting calories, portions, macros, or points then you likely are not actually paying attention to those true health factors. Why? Because you are distracted by the calories, points, portions, or macros that you are counting from what really matters. A lot of times when trying to lose weight by tracking what you’re eating or trying to follow a set meal plan it ends up causing you a lot of stress!  Stress is so hard on the body, so why not focus on living an overall happier life instead?

So, next time you catch yourself stressing out about feeling hungrier than you think you should feel or going out for lunch with your friends, stop and think “Is this really serving me? Is this helping me to live a healthier and happier life?”

If you feel you can’t embark on the journey to stop dieting alone, I am always just an e-mail away  You don’t have to do it alone.

Your Healthy Eating Plan is Probably Not Very Healthy

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