Is It A Diet?

The whole anti-diet thing is becoming a new trend and fad in the dieting world. I even feel like “anti-diet” will be the new diet of 2019. Just my personal opinion, but how many trainers, coaches, nutritionists, etc have you seen promoting weight loss without dieting? You then sign up for their program and they are providing you rules for what to eat – it feels a lot like a diet, but they are saying that it’s not a diet… so is it a diet?

is it a diet question curious wondering

Here are a few checkpoints to raise a red flag on whether this is a diet or not:

  1. If there are any rules around what to eat – portions, certain amounts of certain foods, an acceptable food list, etc it’s a diet.
  2. If you are to remove any foods or food groupscan’t eat sugar, carbs, pasta, chips, chocolate, etc it’s a diet.
  3. If they are saying since it’s not a diet, you are still able to enjoy chocolate or some other food, but there are stipulations around what type and how much of that food ie) only 1 oz of 90% dark chocolateit’s a diet.
  4. If they are leading with weight lossit’s a diet.
  5. Really if there is any part of the program or what they are teaching you that ultimately takes you away from actually listening to your bodyit’s a diet.

The thing is that your body is extremely intelligent and if you learn to trust it and it can trust you then it will tell you exactly what it needs and when. It will tell you what foods it doesn’t so much enjoy in larger quantities and what foods it thrives on! Weighing yourself, counting calories, carbs, points, or diligently following someone else’s meal plan will distract you from listening to your body.

So, ditch the scale and don’t look to someone else to tell you what and how to eat. Turn the focus inwards and start to listen to your body first!

Is It A Diet?

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