Exercising For Weight Loss = Disappointment

Have you ever decided to start exercising to achieve a weight loss goal?

The answer to that seems so obvious. Why? Because the sad reality is that for most people that is the only reason they do decide to start exercising in the first place. The problem, however, is that if that is your main reason for starting exercise then you will very likely end up disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, and quit. Why? Because the results typically either don’t come quick enough, or they do come quickly because you also are likely following some diet which is restrictive and not maintainable so then when you inevitably go off that diet you’ll stop losing that weight.

See, for me, I’ve always exercised mainly for weight loss, for the physical results. But now that I’ve realized how much pursuing weight loss can cause problems and has caused problems for me previously I am trying to find that world where I still exercise and set fitness goals that are not weight centered or size centered.

So, when I quit dieting about 8 months ago, I still have kept active since then.  I started running and I walk quite a bit.  I have done a few strength workouts here and there, but nothing consistent or anything.  I’m discovering new reasons to work out, but what’s funny is that back in my health and fitness coaching days, I used to always talk about finding other reasons to workout (because sometimes the results don’t come too fast and people get discouraged, as mentioned above) but underlying there was always that expectation, and desire to change my body physically.

Now, 8 months later, I finally feel able to dive back into the tough workout programs that I used to do without getting ultimately caught up in the physical results. Why? Because I am craving to get some of the physical strength and fitness back that I once had!  That’s it, that’s all.  I want to be strong and fit, regardless of my size or weight. I realized that if you love your body now, just as it is, then why wouldn’t you want it to be strong?  I love how lifting weights and doing HIIT training and the like makes me feel!

If you are new in this journey to food freedom, I invite you to really take a step back in the exercise department, be real with yourself and asses truly why do you desire to exercise? Is there an underlying hope or expectation for weight loss? Then maybe it’s a good time to take a step back.  I’m not saying to become a couch potato, but really focus on moving your body in ways that bring you joy to start out and go from there!

Exercising For Weight Loss = Disappointment

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