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Hi, I’m Lara from Lara’s Losing It! I am located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I am a happily married mom to one daughter. 

Lara’s Losing It was literally born out of diet culture! How? Well, I came up with the name cuz I felt like diet culture was making me lose my freakin mind! Before Lara’s Losing It, my brand was Fit & Funny Momma (if you’ve been with me for a while you probably remember that one). Fit & Funny Momma, essentially was born out of the fact that I was gaining weight while still trying to lose it and so I just started cracking a lot of diet and fat jokes. It’s totally normal to make jokes when you are uncomfortable! Anyways… a little more about me…

I have lived in a larger body pretty much all of my life and I spent much of my young adult years on and off of different diets, playing the yo-yo weight game like so many people do. Back in 2011, I had finally committed to my lastlifestyle change“.. or so I told myself. I told myself whatever I did to lose the weight I’d have to be able to do for the rest of my life and I found something that worked… until it didn’t.

And that’s just it with pursuing weight loss… It always works, until it doesn’t!  I ended up losing a LOT of weight and I was sharing my weight loss on youtube and Instagram. I then became an “online health and fitness coach” and helped others to lose weight as well. Most of those people ended up gaining the weight back as well, and continue to struggle, just like most people who pursue weight loss! I had a pretty successful business for a period there, helping people lose weight, but eventually the lbs started coming back on me and as I was losing my results that built my business I was losing my business as well

I was so desperate to try and keep my business up and my weight down, so I just kept trying to “get my eating under control“, but every time I would try harder to control my food intake, the more out of control I would feel with food!  It was a never ending cycle. One that led to me developing an eating disorder that at its peak, was pretty fricken scary! While I was living through this time though, with an eating disorder, I felt like it was all MY fault. I felt as if there was something wrong with me! “I see this working for all these other people, what is wrong with me!?!?

See the thing is though, these diets do work for most people… until they don’t! But no one goes around advertising the 5+ years later results, right? So, we literally are not seeing the WHOLE story in these “weight loss success stories”!  

My dieting breaking point as I like to call it occurred back in October 2018. My grandpa was just placed on palliative care at home and he lived about 13 hours away from us so we decided to head out to visit him, potentially for the last time. We were sitting in the living room visiting, and they’ve just said that we will order pizza for dinner. *cue internal freak out* Ohhh man I would have full blown anxiety attacks whenever what to eat was out of my control!  So, I was on my food tracking app, stressing the eff out, trying to figure out how I was gonna fit PIZZA into my days allotted food amount… Suddenly the room bursts into laughter and this gets my attention! I look up and see everyone laughing and having a great time and I realize that I have no fricken idea what the heck they are even talking about!!!!  I am sitting there in this moment where it actually really matters to me that I am fully present in, (potentially the last visit with my grandpa), and I am so absorbed in tracking this food and making it fit, that I don’t even know what they are talking about

In that moment, I told myself I am DONE with this BS!!!!  I literally thought so clearly to myself “I don’t give a crap what size my body is, I am not doing this any more!” and in that moment I deleted every food tracking app off of my phone (I had about 8 I think).

I went back and read “Intuitive Eating” by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, which I had originally read a few months earlier when I was doing keto, and I had convinced myself that keto was intuitive eating (spoiler – it’s not!). This time though – no keto, no calorie counting, no portion control containers – just full commitment to Intuitive Eating, as it is actually meant to be. I just committed to it. The first bit felt a bit chaotic with food. I was literally eating chinese food every week for the first couple of months, cuz I had restricted it for a long, long time so that’s just what I wanted! But eventually, just like Evelyn and Elyse talk about, habituation happens. You get so used to these foods and the fact that you can truly have them whenever you want, that they lose any power over you that you previously felt they had! 

This process has me more in touch with my body than I ever have been before. I am at peace with food and with my body and now it is my passion and purpose to help as many others as possible to get away from toxic diet culture crap and learn to really thrive in their body, no matter what size it is! 

If you’d like to get in touch with me go ahead and reach out below! 

Take care,

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